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Hi I'm Nikolas Konstantin

I coach

executive leaders & their organisations

I facilitate

leadership team workshops and silent meditation retreats

I write

the weekly newsletter "The Mindful CEO"

I coach leaders from

The Executive Course to Training your Mind  

Train your mind at home with my framework merging the best science, contemplative wisdom & self-leadership.

Find years of insights & training compressed into the Ultimate Executive Course to "A Beautiful Mind".

Scaling Leadership

I coach creative leaders and their teams to create the most meaningful work of their life


Grow your leadership awareness and work from your zone of genius.

Leadership Team

Build a high trust/high-performing team and unleash the potential of your organization.


Update your strategy, organizations design, and culture to invite the future in.

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Uncover the "Deep Work" Playbook and 10 of my most popular guides exclusive for my newsletter subscribers.

Creative Leaders working with Nikolas

What other people say about me
Raffael Fellmer
CEO SirPlus

“Nikolas is the guy to call if you want to solve the big problems.”

Sophie Chung
CEO and Founder Qunomedical

“Trust. Trust. Trust. Is what I value most, and is the most important thing I look for in a Coach .”

Verónica García Arteaga
Founder Neggst

“I love that you can work with Nikolas on strategic big-picture brainstorming and find solutions to complex challenges."

Francescu Santoni
CEO Mojo Video

“Nikolas helped us to move from a founder-led organization to a high-performing leadership-led organization.”

Claire Midwood
Former CEO Amorelie

“Nikolas is the number of trust to call for a deeper understanding of yourself. ”

Alice Nawfal
Founder NotaBene (Y-Combinator)

“Nikolas has a mental model for every situation. He is a Swiss army knife for scale-ups.”

Mark Kugel
Co-CEO Yuri

"Every leader needs a sidekick. Nikolas is my choice for deep work on myself. He helps me to become the best version of a leader I can be."

Raffael Fellmer
CEO SirPlus

“Nikolas is the guy to call if you want to solve the big problems.”

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats


Executive Coaching Workshops

Learn and train my “A beautiful Mind” framework in my signature workshop.

Upcoming in 2024

The Wise Leadership Meditation Retreat

Each year I take 12 souls on a life-changing retreat to train their minds.

The Mindful CEO

Nikolas Konstantin's weekly newsletter exploring the best of Leadership, Awareness and Creativity

Latest ideas

Notes and ideas from my blog.

Deep dive into mental models and concepts that help you become a better leader

Where is your Zone of Genius?

Most people spend their life doing what they hate doing. Here is a framework that will help you do what you love.

5 reasons why your leadership team sucks

Shitty leadership teams fail because of the following five reasons.

Life can be magic - or accidental

Be an author. ‍Look for magic realism.

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