Develop leadership excellence in silent contemplation

Elevate your leadership with a proven blend of leadership coaching, mental training and wisdom. This 5-day retreat for leaders is your reflection space for direction, awareness and impact.

Trying to decide if this course is for you?

Who is this course for?

This course is for leaders interested in deepening their leadership awareness.

The retreat will:

  • introduce mental models for wise and compassionate leadership

  • give training spaces to train and deepen your mental wellbeing

  • provide reflection spaces and community moments with other leaders in a calm space at a lake.

Why is this course only for leaders?

The teaching format is aimed at increasing reflection spaces for wise-compassionate leadership. To create a safe and accelerated learning this retreat is leaders only. The models and reflection prompts will focus on leadership experiences and provides models to grow.

Is this a traditional Meditation Retreat?

No. Think of it as a 5 day workshop in “wise, compassionate leadership”. The retreat will start with a full day of workshops and then enter a 3 day silent meditation retreat training experience.

These models help me navigate and live my life by.”
Francescu Santoni
CEO Mojo Video

Thrive alongside
leaders like Francescu

Learn tools you can directly apply in your leadership team
Train your mind to up to two hours of meditation
Practice in a safe environment with like-minded leaders

Master the many different styles of meditation

Experience a profound shift towards mindful living, unlocking greater awareness

Train your awareness, fostering a deep sense of mindfulness and clarity in your daily life.

Achieve an enhanced state of balance and harmony

Nurture qualities of compassion, empathy, and prosocial motivation. Refine your emotional regulation skills, resulting in personal growth and an enhanced state of balance and harmony.

Ignite Self-Transformation through Self-Reflection

Monitor your own thinking, deconstruct perceptions, and delve into the theory of mind. Unlock your personal growth, resilience, and an enhanced sense of self-awareness.

Begin a journey of heightened focus, stress reduction, and self-discovery, unlocking immediate leadership benefits in this silent meditation retreat.

What others say about the course?

Raffael Fellmer
CEO SirPlus

“This course has changed my mind. It will change yours .”

Claire Midwood
Former CEO Amorelie

"I felt so safely guided by Nikolas. His teaching is funny, caring and wise."

Eva Kaczor

"I never knew I have so much kindness in me."

How are we different than other retreats such as Vipassana

We are not overcrowded

We are a very small number of participants 10-15. This allows close teacher mentoring.

Sport is allowed

There will be light yoga and exercise to deepen your meditation. In vipassana sports are not allowed.

Physical suffering is not necessary

The place will be comfortable and designed to be most useful to the practice.

We don’t focus on just one style of meditation

You are taught several different styles of meditation to find the one that works best for you

Based on years of scientific results

The program is crafted in consideration of scientific models from leading neuroscientists like Dr. Richard Davidson.

You can apply this in the real world

You will learn theory, frameworks and models which you can apply directly apply in the practical world

Wise Leadership Retreat

28.05 - 02. June 2024

The yearly reflection space for leaders—your retreat to step out of being busy and reflect on your direction. By combining modern workshop facilitation with a 3-day silent retreat, you will be able to deepen your purpose and meditation expertise.

The 2024 Wise Leadership retreat cohort is open for leaders of organizations who wish to deepen their leadership, self-awareness, and attention. You will be interviewed to ensure the best possible retreat experience and fit of participants.

What can I expect?

Reflection Space for Leaders

Move from the dance to the balcony. The combination of leadership training, monastic training, and modern scientific leadership will help you reflect more in-depth.

Meditation Retreat

Train your awareness in a monastic & science-inspired program. Each day will take you deeper into understanding and mastering the different styles of meditation.

A community of reflected leaders

Become part of a cohort of global leaders. Reflect with other people who choose to step into responsibility and have the wish to deepen their wisdom, self-reflection, and ability to lead in the world.

A designed food experience for healthy living

Our Chef, Annika Pfeifer (former Head of Jivamukti Kitchen), will support your journey with food that is delicious and supports your journey.

A private villa with a Sauna at a lake

The retreat will take place in a private villa near Berlin. It is located less than 1 hour away from Berlin. Here you can swim in the lake, use the finnish sauna and take long walks in the 2 hectares nature with forest.

A curated yoga experience for holistic well-being

Different guest teachers will guide your practice with sessions that are nourishing and enhance your well-being journey.

Following the retreat, you will be supported in continuing your meditation journey. You will receive exclusive access to:

  • A Beautiful Mind Online Course

  • Guided Meditations for all Meditation styles

  • The 3 Styles of Meditation Ebook

Concepts you will learn in this course


Cultivate Meta-Cognition

Develop meta-cognitive skills through meditation to enhance self-awareness and introspection.


Theory of Mind Exploration

Explore widening your bandwith and perspective and deepen your understanding of self and others.


Deconstruct Perception

Unravel the layers of perception, gaining insights into the nature of reality and personal experiences.


Train Compassion & Empathy

Foster compassion and empathy towards oneself and others, nurturing a deeper connection and understanding.


Ignite Prosocial Motivation

Ignite your inner drive for prosocial behavior, cultivating kindness, and altruism.



Master emotional regulation techniques, empowering you to skillfully navigate and manage your emotions.


Models for Wise Leadership

Expand your bandwidth for effective leadership with mental models for appropriate action.


Meta-awareness & Interoception

Train in meta-awareness and interoception, your ability to observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Who is Nikolas Konstantin?

Let me introduce you to  Nikolas

Nikolas spent the last decade learning from experienced teachers, trained the mind in long term retreats and connected with leading scientists to understand the neuroscience of mental fitness.

As a coach and facilitator for immersive experiences, he guides meditation retreats and leadership journeys for individuals and organizations worldwide.

You find him at the intersection of leadership science, contemplative wisdom, and organizational design.

Who is Forchiefs?

We create coaching and facilitation experiences to support every chief to lead from purpose. We’re sidekicks who work hand in hand with front-running leaders and leadership teams – we call them ‘Chiefs’ – to empower and support ambitious growth.

What others say about the retreat?

Dr. Margarete Schellong
Founder OHIA

“Nikolas is one of the best Meditation teachers in the world.”

Daniel Rieber

“No one explains meditation like Nikolas.”

Pricing & Schedule

Schedule 2024 Cohort

28.05 - 02. June
28.05 Tuesday:
Arrival (18:00)
29.05 Wednesday:
Workshop Day: Wise leadership
30.05 Thursday:
Silent Meditation Day One
31.05 Friday:
Silent Meditation Day Two
01.06 Saturday:
Silent Meditation Day Three
02.06 Sunday:
Closing and Departure


Starting at 3000 €
3 Days in Silence
5 Mental Models
3 Workshop days
Private Villa
2 hectare of nature with forest
Finnish Sauna
Swim in the Lake
Apply for 5-Day Retreat

Exceptional leaders effortlessly move from the dance to the balcony.