Where is your Zone of Genius?

Most people spend their life doing what they hate doing.

Being good at something doesn't mean that you enjoy it.

Here is a framework that will help you do what you love.


Most people feel like their life controls them.

But there is a way to take charge again: 

The Zone of Genius.

This model will help you reflect on how you want to use your time.

Take back control. Here is how...


A) Audit your calendar

How much time do you spend working on things that you enjoy?

Note which task you spend in the following zones:

1) Zone of Incompetence

Things that other people could probably do better than you.

2) Zone of Competence

Things you do just fine, but others are as good as you.

3) Zone of Excellence

Things you are excellent at, but you just don't love doing.

4) Zone of Genius

Things you are uniquely good at in the world that you love to do - you love them so much that time and space disappears


B) Delegate

You will notice that you will spend too much time doing things you are good at but hate doing.

Because you are so good - everyone will push you to take over those tasks.

Delegate those.

Being good at something does not mean you need to do it.

Dont be sorry. People are different. There are others that love doing those tasks.


C) Make space to explore your genius

When do you notice that you enter a zone of flow?

What are tasks that make you forget the world around you?

Ask your friends what they think your zone of genius is.

Narrow it down.

Take bold steps to reshuffle your life.


How would my life look like if I would spend 60% in my zone of genius?

Dedicate three months to work on what you love doing.


Why should I work from my zone of genius?

a) You are unique:

No one will be ever as good as you in being who you are

b) Diversity works:

even if you hate doing it - there might be some crazy nut out there that loves it. To each his kink.

c) Self-reflection unleashes growth:

if you listen carefully, reflect and adjust new perspectives will open up

d) deep work wins over the superficial:

Focusing on one ambitious goal with your strength the sky is the limit.


I created a digital worksheet, that I use with the change-makers I coach. Write me and I will send it to you.