5 reasons why your leadership team sucks

May 19, 2023

Shitty leadership teams fail because of the following five reasons:

Inattention to results: Dysfunctional leadership teams aren't attentive to shared results because everyone is focusing only on their specific area and holding on to status and ego.

Avoidance of accountability: They are not getting shared results because they aren't holding each other accountable. This leads to low standards.

Lack of Commitment: They don't hold each other accountable because there is a lack of commitment to the purpose. Roles and responsibilities remain ambiguous instead of clear.

Fear of Conflict: There is no commitment, because they are afraid to go into constructive conflict over the best ideas and outcomes. The result is an artificial harmony.

Absence of trust: There is a fear of conflict because team members are not trusting that it's possible to be vulnerable around each other. There is a sense of danger that leads to invulnerability.

Want to know more.

Read the leadership fable ‘The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team’ by Patrick Lencioni. It's a great read.

More on this model in my two-day High Trust/High Performance Leadership Workshop.