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Master the many different styles of meditation

What others say about the course?

Raffael Fellmer
CEO SirPlus

“This course has changed my mind. It will change yours .”

Claire Midwood
Former CEO Amorelie

"I felt so safely guided by Nikolas. His teaching is funny, caring and wise."

Francescu Santoni
CEO Mojo Video

“These models help me navigate and live my life by.”

Trying to decide if this course is for you?

Who would benefit the most from
taking this course?

If you want to understand why and how to train your mind with meditation this course is for you. By understanding & training the science and the art of meditation you will be able to make use of your mind’s marvelous capacity to change. This course is for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

Who is not a good fit for this course?

This course will introduce you to the different styles of meditation and when to train them. If you are not interested in the why and the how of what happens in your mind when you meditate this course is not for you. We will also learn many different styles to train different parts of your mind. If you have one meditation style and don’t want to try out different techniques this might not be for you.

Is this course just a guided meditation?

No. While this course includes some guided meditation, it's not intended to replace your regular practice. This course is intended to show you a proven system to train your mind. Your will learn frameworks and models to understand & cultivate qualities like focus, kindness, compassion, equanimity and resilience. Think of it as the foundation of your practice. You will learn why and how meditations work and when to apply them.

Concepts you will learn in this course


Cultivate Meta-Cognition

Move from the dance to the balcony: gain perspective with meditations enhancing your self-awareness and introspection.


Theory of Mind Exploration

Explore how you make sense and deepen your understanding of self and others.


Deconstruct Perception

Unravel the layers of perception, gaining insights into the nature of reality through de-constructive meditations.


Train Compassion & Empathy

Increase compassion and empathy towards yourself and others, nurturing a deeper connection and understanding.


Ignite Prosocial Motivation

Ignite your inner drive for prosocial behavior, cultivating kindness, and altruism.


Emotional Self-Regulation

Master emotional regulation techniques, empowering you to skillfully navigate and manage your emotions.


Expand your Capacity for Awareness

Expand your capacity for awareness. The world is full of magic things waiting for your senses to grow sharper.


Meta-awareness & Interoception

Train in meta-awareness and interoception. Widen your ability to observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

There are many styles of meditation, each training a different aspect of your mind and body.

Here is my framework to understand and train your mental wellbeing.

Master the many different styles of meditation

Reclaim your Attention through Awareness Style Meditations

Move from Autopilot to Pilot with time-tested mental training for more awareness in your life

Embrace inner Growth through Cultivation Style Meditations

You are what you think: Nurture qualities of compassion and kindness for a balanced flourishing life.

Ignite your wisdom through Self-Reflection Style Meditations

Monitor your own thinking, deconstruct perceptions, and delve into how you make sense. Unlock a deeper understanding of yourself.

What others say about the course?

Dr. Margarete Schellong
Founder OHIA

“Nikolas is one of the best Meditation teachers in the world.”

Eva Kaczor

"I never knew I have so much kindness in me."

Daniel Rieber

“No one explains meditation like Nikolas.”

This course is packed
with Insights  

The definite Ebook on all meditation styles

Mental models from science and meditation traditions to help you understand yourself better

Over 9 Meditations

Different guided Meditations to train your mind mastering the different styles of meditation

Retreat Mode

Use this course to create your own 3 day silent retreat

This course is best consumed as a 3 day meditation retreat

Who is Nikolas Konstantin?

Let me introduce you to  Nikolas

He spent the last decade learning from experienced teachers, trained the mind in long term retreats and connected with leading scientists to understand the neuroscience of mental fitness.

As a coach and facilitator for immersive experiences, he guides meditation retreats and leadership journeys for individuals and organizations worldwide.

You find him at the intersection of science, contemplative wisdom, and leadership awareness.