Train your Mind

Upgrade your mental toolbox.

A personal coaching journey for global minds that aspire to

  • Make use of the brain using newest insights from neuroscience

  • Take more accurate decisions (that most people will get wrong)

  • Develop a mindfulness practice and improve your wellbeing and decision-making

  • Build up an inner compass of personal values and direction


BOOK A SESSION and let us get deep on the following topics.

Getting to know common human biases and learn to counter them

  • Building up on the work of the world renowned statistician Hans Rosling and investment thinker we can find the biases that lead most humans to take wrong decisions. By applying factfullness in your life you will take better decisions, when most people won’t.

Building up a Mindfulness Practice

  • By applying time-tested mindfulness techniques we will learn strategies to shift from the ubiquitous “fight and Flight" Mode (sympathetic system) towards the "rest and digest” mode - allowing your body and brain to reduce stress and become more creative. Taking into account newest research on meditation technique as well as introducing various techniques from various traditions we will find the right mindfullness practice for you.

Developing Strategic Thinking for Life: Lessons from Design Thinking and Management Tools

  • Working with tools from Stanfords Design Thinking School and Strategy instruments taken from management consulting we will be able to better assess which values are closest to you and how to design-think your way through challenging decisions.

Using Models to Upgrade your Map of the World

  • The quality of your thinking depends on the models in your head. Using Models in taking decisions and assessing the world is the most accurate way to have a more accurate understanding of the world.

Tapping into authentic leadership and Emotional Intelligence

  • Self aware leaders lead the pack. But most leaders haven’t done the homework. Rare are the cases where decision-makers don’t take decisions from a fear or ego-mindset, even rarer the cases where leaders can deal with unpleasant emotions. Emotional Intelligence wins the long game anytime. Using tools from the Conscious Leadership Group we will becoming more self-aware, ditching the victim mindset, and connecting more fully with the people in our lives.