Hi, I am Nikolas Konstantin, a German Greek Idea Afficionado. A curious soul, I have tried to live my life to the fullest:

On the professional side this meant working with decision makers on pressing issues of our times: I have worked with the President of the European Parliament on finding solutions for dealing with Tech Giants and with negotiation teams to achieve free EU Visa Access for the country of Georgia. A big chunk of the last years I have dedicated to finding solutions in the negotiations for new Asylum Laws and Police Database laws for 28 European countries. Currently I work with leaders from various fields in setting and reaching Strategies for conscious leadership for life and business.

On the academic side, I have tried to be a sponge studying law, politics, and culture in renowned universities (Bruges, Göttingen, Strasbourg, Osaka, The Hague). I am grateful to have been chosen to be one of the scholarship holders and completing the Hogwarts of Diplomacy “College of Europe”, a renowned Elite school that has produced many economic leaders and prime ministers.

On the personal side, I have been motivated by the quest of personal growth and virtue. I have developed a deep understanding of mindfulness and Eastern philosophy, honed by various silent meditation retreats and studying and working with academics, spiritual leaders and yoga schools. I am a certified Yoga and Mediation Teacher - and strongly believe that personal growth and honest reflection is key to conscious leadership.

Fun facts about me: I can communicate in more than six languages, am proficient in photography (self-published a book) and dive 30 meters on one breath.